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What is El Dorado of Sun City Condominiums?

phoca_thumb_l_lake viewEl Dorado of Sun City is a true condominium retirement community. Unlike any other resort-style retirement community in Arizona, our residents OWN all 7 1/2 acres of this beautiful lakefront community. When you purchase a condominium home at El Dorado, you obtain a:

  • Fee Simple Deed Plus
  • An undivided 1/249th interest in the “common area”

A fee simple deed entitles you the flexibility to sell or lease your condominium at any time, for any reason. Unlike life care or rental communities, NO developer or
management company is involved, so the entire amount of the sale price or lease amount goes back to you or your estate.*

“Common areas” are those areas used by all residents, such as the main activities building, gardens and courtyards, swimming pool, parking lots, etc.

Because our homeowners automatically become members of the nonprofit El Dorado Homeowners Association, they are entitled to all of the benefits of our
excellent services and amenities, such as elegant dining, weekly housekeeping, chauffeured transportation and much more. These services will be described in
more detail throughout this brochure.

As you read about El Dorado and our unique approach to retirement living, you’ll begin to understand why El Dorado is so special.

*Closing costs for buyer and seller are comparable to selling any other type of Real Estate transaction.

None of the proceeds go to the El Dorado Condominiums Association.