When I think of El Dorado, I immediately think of Home and Family. I am blessed to live in such a beautiful and safe setting amongst staff and residents who have become true friends. Recently I watched a 60-minute episode about senior health. They listed good nutrition, exercise, and socialization as three of the major reasons some seniors age better than others. El Dorado provides all three. Rarely does a day go by without a warm hello and a smile. I enjoy my private time and when I want it, I can lunch with friends, attend wonderful entertainment, get lost in a fabulous library, or walk by our lovely lake. As a Board Member, I am impressed with the range of services, excellent management, and how financially sound we are. After years of raising a family and having a career I was ready for the least stressful, peaceful life I could find, and I found it as an owner at El Dorado.

Life is good at El Dorado & has been for me for 12 years!  When my husband passed away, I knew I did not want to live in a house alone.  I had a friend here, so I came to El Dorado to look.  She said, “come to El Dorado, they have life here” and they do.  With all the activities, amenities, beautiful dining room and great food, I was hooked!    I’ve had the privilege of being President of the Board.  All this involvement has enriched my life at El Dorado.  El Dorado residents become best friends & family.  Interestingly enough, you can find connections with residents that relate back to earlier years in your life.  I have that connection & relationship with a 20-year resident of El Dorado.  We enjoy dinner together & walks and have for 12 years.  El Dorado is a grand place to live.

Life is good at El Dorado!

To be stress free and safe at this stage of life is a gift!  Whether it is the 24 hr. nursing staff on hand for a personal emergency or the presence of all-night security, you are always covered and safe. All employees are happy at all times to assist you, be they in the laundry, housekeeping, maintenance,  transportation, beauty salon, library , or gym and what I appreciate the most, they ask to assist you with a smile.  The personnel in the front office is always accessible, never aloof.  A roof over one’s head is a roof over one’s head, but it is the staff that makes you feel welcome and at home.

After returning from a month-long cruise, we were exhausted and decided to look into independent retiring living.  El Dorado was our first & last stop.  We were so impressed with all the amenities, and how friendly the staff & residents were, we returned 2 weeks later and bought our 2-bedroom condo and now the fun began!  We know we made the right decision with the fabulous amenities like the exercise classes, cards, games, transportation, shopping, theater trips and much more.  Best of all, we own our condo!