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Outside Dining

With the nicer weather upon us, we opened up outside dining to our residents for lunch and dinner.


Resident Grocery Shopping

Prior to Covid 19, El Dorado offered shopping trips to our residents 5 days a week.  Since we can no longer do this, we grocery shop and deliver groceries to all our residents.  We are taking extra steps to keep our residents safe while ensuring they have everything they need.


El Dorado of Sun City Resident Covid-19 Vaccines

As the number of residents getting their COVID-19 vaccine, increases, it has placed a strain on our Transportation department. In an effort to lessen the burden, both the Director of Activities and the Director of Health Services have stepped in to assist with transporting the residents to their vaccine appointments. We truly are team players, and we thrive on taking care of our residents!

El Dorado of Sun City

El Dorado Welcomes You!

El Dorado of Sun CityAn active lifestyle means staying involved and enjoying life! There is nothing better than waking up with anticipation and enthusiasm for the new experiences each day offers.

We all know El Dorado is an award-winning, industry leader in its fitness, educational, social and health programs, but we are taking things one step further by offering an exciting new concept —

El Dorado U

El Dorado U is an enhancement to our current activity program, offering our residents a variety of opportunities to stay motivated, happy and healthy.

  • Delight in activities you never had time to do
  • Learn new subjects and concepts
  • Improve your mental, physical and emotional health
  • Mingle with new peers who share common interests

El Dorado U offers a broad spectrum of educational and fun classes and programs. We will be interacting with each other in all sorts of new ways, whether we are sharing intergenerational thoughts and ideas, bringing in interesting and informative guest speakers, or participating in a new experience together.

We promise that whether you lead the class or participate in it, El Dorado U will have something for you.

Come join in this very special learning experience.

Barbara Molmod, General Manager